I went once more in search of the light and landed in Puglia.

A road between olive tree gardens led me to Casa Maiora. I had chased its architecture for a while, dreamed about arriving there, and when I did, it was only to discover a place where the sun seizes the space even in the darkest corners.

A pure space, of geometrical unity, earthly tones and textures, carved in stone and adorned with ceramic artistry.

A row of cacti lies beneath the villa and I can’t help but find a gate through them.

Wherever I look, I see angles, shapes, symmetry and linearity. Nothing seems to be random here; all is thoughtful, all is in harmony.

I camouflage myself between the beige structures of our new temporary home; you can’t tell the season yet – the green is still green and the sun came out after days of rain and darkness. This place is inviting me to heal through aesthetic pleasure. And I do, I nurse myself with the beauty of details, plunging into a décor of rawness and refinement at the same time.

I am a child of the earth and here, with my bare feet onto the stony floor, I feel closer to it.


Our sole journey away from here takes me to Alberobello, where I had a frame in mind – Aurora would be a little Pierrot and I would be a Harlequin. It’s the day when she falls three times in a row. I try to comfort her, hold her tight, and my husband takes a picture. That moment, I feel timeless. I don’t know where the past ends and the present begins. I harbour her sadness and her joy of being with us. We become time-travelers and we end a journey that is merely a beginning.



Location: Casa Maiora; Alberobello

Outfits: AIRE, Musa, Lali Wear, Atelier Isabelle Vijiac