Series of 13 photo-collages, Romania, 2017.

Within the traditional Romanian mindset, the house is considered to be the nucleus of the family life, a primordial space which generates and preserves vital energies. The universal symbolism regards the house as the representation of the cosmos itself – a fortress or a temple located right in the heart of the world.

As a photographer traveling across Romania, which is my own homeland, I have watched villages and towns being architecturally transformed during the last decade, as a consequence of cultural appropriation, characteristic of the globalization process. I have photographed both the remains of a so-called „traditional” world – some of the houses contained within this category having been abandoned by their owners – and also a more „modern” approach to the concept of home, featuring imposing palace-like houses and apartment complexes built towards the outskirts of the cities.

By isolating them in natural landscapes, as a form of decontextualization, I have pondered upon the initial meanings and attributions of the habitat, and how they are reflected in the current fluidity of the architectural styles. Is the house a primordial site anymore, bearing a strong symbolic character, or have its functions diminished solely to an utilitarian meaning? Has the house been relocated from the center of the world to its periphery?