She lives to search for tales and worlds afar
but more than anything
she lives to search for herself
She travels the earth a lot
but most of all she walks inside her mind
looking for answers
only to discover more questions
Her heart is open as a book
eager to learn new perspectives
she treasures the past almost as much as the present
but never does she forsake the future
She crawls inside your head
and leaves a mark for ever
she’s quiet and loud
mild and strong
quaint and renewing
She knows herself
and she may know the other as well
for she always pursues
the quest.

Location: Infinitea Tea House

Model: Roxana Călinescu

Clothing: Atelier Diana Miculiț, Atelier Isabelle Vijiac, Zara

Make-up: Malvina Isfan

Hair: Veronica Nistor