photographic series following a trip from Southern to Northern Romania, between 1st-11th of January 2018.

A woman reading prayers to the field at sunset. People going home from church on the first day of the year. Christmas decorations either kept for long or taken away. A cemetery next to the highway. Abandoned cars, emptied houses. Young boys in disguise performing rituals. A fence made of rows of colorful laundry. Romania is quite a universe of mixed shapes, mixed surroundings, mixed feelings. The contrasts, the irregulations, the doubts, they all appear inside the flawed photographs, most of them bordered by the window frame. Glued with the camera by the car window, I feel like a hunter, and the prey is my homeland – by some misunderstood, by others even thought to be uncomprehensible, while to me, a piece of my own identity.

I have always felt that travelling by car made me miss moments. Sightings. Pictures, ultimately. I experienced some kind of “photographic helplessness” by not being able to capture those fractures of life which seemed to zip past my eyes, never to come back again. I used to comfort myself that someday they would return in the shape of thoughts, but we see so much of everything that little seems to remain.

I left home on the 1st of January, aimlessly. Together with my husband, I travelled by car to the other side of my country and back, just to see what there is. Like a child peeping through the hole of a locked door, wondering about the world behind it. I still missed most of the pictures I wanted to take – some too blurry, others just a tick away from the “decisive moment” – yet the the car was not a limitation anymore. It was an open window to a limitless world.